Hair Quest




Hair Quest

Hair Quest is the Hong Kong Branch of KEI Hair Salon,Which has been trusted by customers in Japan for over 40 years with a proven track record.Hair Quest means 'Pursuit of hair' and 'Journey to explore hair', reflecting a journey to beauty that always shines in our concept. The journey to beauty is endless. Our mission is to pursue and present creative styles that represent the era.

​Sustainability is Beautiful

We use organic products in consideration of our customers' health and the natural environment”

​Pursuing long-lasting beauty

In pursuit of healthy and charming natural beauty, we use shampooing and colouring product based on organic plant 


MY Organic product

Organic Color


​Vegan Color

 Botanical Wave


​Vegan Perm

​Organic Treatment



​Head Spa

For all women in the world

『 Cashmere Treatment 』

A treatment that your hair designer prepare just for you.


Damage level and hair problems is differ among client.


There are 100 clients ,they request 100 different treatment.

Hair quest understand the client’s hair damage and problems,and prepare each unique treatment for each client.


We want to provide the best result to our important client. 


​KEI hair salon

​in Japan Gifu

Beautiful nature with a better life

KEI is a hair salon that has been providing performance and reliable service in japan for over 40 years. We are continuing to pursue a creative style that symbolises the times. We focus on creating hairstyles which are easy to maintain a beautiful form even as the hair grows. We aim to help our customers to live better.

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