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Japanese hair, hair salon, central, hongkong

‘Pursuit of hair' and 'Journey to explore hair'

We will work with you to solve your hair problems.

We have solved various hair problems with our clients such as grey hair, swell, loss of shine, and problems with naturally curly hair.
What is the problem with your hair? Let's solve them together.

Do you have any of these problems? 


Age-related hair damage, dryness, lack of luster

Want to do something about my frizzy, lack luster hair

The latest hair quality improvement program that improves the richness and feel of your hair without damaging it. 


Hair growth promotion and Anti-Aging Spa

Hair is thinning with age want to take care of Anti-Aging hair and face

Anti-Aging Spa" is the latest Anti-Aging care that efficiently promotes blood circulation throughout the body with hand massage and special machines, resulting in the promotion of hair growth, lifting, and the elimination of cold and stiff shoulders. 


Grey Hair

want to color my grey hair! Are there only dark colors for dyeing grey hair if want to cover the grey hair that grew longer? want to brighten it up!

We propose grey hair dyeing that blurs grey hair, makes the best use of grey hair, and dyes grey hair brighter.



3 Commitments

Hair Quest offers three commitments to beautiful hair and hairstyles that are critical to reproducibility at home.

Quest for beautiful and shiny hair Hair quality improvement

Quest for beautiful and shiny hair Hair quality improvement

Hair Quest's hair quality improvement program can address a wide range of adult women's hair concerns, such as age-related damage, dryness, lack of shine, and strong kinks.

Commitment to chemicals and products

Commitment to chemicals and products

"Pursuing long-lasting beauty”


We use organic products in consideration of our customers' health and the natural environment.

We believe that eco-friendly products are good for hair and allow you to enjoy repeated colors and perms.


Commitment to hair design

We basically don't recommend gives hair stress.


Without damaging the hair, a good hairstyle starts with healthy hair.

We don't recommend a hairstyles that stress the hair, like bad cut, colour, and perm.

We pay attention of nature and the beauty of nature.

A beautiful hairstyle is a "beautiful" from any angle, 360 degrees.  We are always looking for beautiful hairstyles.








It is the hair salon that I could only go to in HK.  The environment is cozy and the service is superb.  Most importantly the stylist attends to your needs specifically and do the styling the way I want.  Highly recommended to visit if one want to have Japanese-styled service and haircut.




Wonderful experience! Ash is very meticulous and pays great attention to detail. I tried Henna colouring for the first time, it's been a week and my hair is super shiny and soft. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a more natural colouring option. Also love my haircut, which Ash made sure is low maintenance. I'm so happy to be able to just dry my hair and have it look as great as it did at the salon.










​Emi M




KEI hair salon

in Japan Gifu

Beautiful nature with a better life

KEI is a hair salon that has been providing performance and reliable service in japan for over 40 years. We are continuing to pursue a creative style that symbolises the times. We focus on creating hairstyles which are easy to maintain a beautiful form even as the hair grows. We aim to help our customers to live better.

Japanese hair, hair salon, central, hongkong

Hair Quest

in Hongkong

10/F Lee Loong Building 1002

4 Queen Victoria Street, Central,Hong Kong

Tel : 852-3689-1256

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri : 10am - 8pm

Sat-Sun : 10am - 7pm

Japanese hair, hair salon, central, hongkong
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