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Enriching your personal life is our mission.

Would you like to become a hairstylist who treasures your personal life?


Rewarding experience as a Hair Stylist


An environment that puts customers first and maintains good relationship with them

☆Through our reservation-only system, we eliminate waiting time for our customers, enabling us to offer the best personalized experience with a one-on-one service.


☆Two days off per week (including Sundays) with paid leave.


☆Freelance system available that allows staff to work at hours with reservations only.


☆You can decide the number of working days and hours according to your own style.


× No forced company trips

There are no mandatory company trips.

If you wish, we will plan it, but there is no forced company trip because we can communicate well with each other.



×No fixed work hours

You can decide your work schedule and rest days on your own. If there is no reservation, you may leave early.


×No more meetings, morning meetings, etc.

Meetings and study sessions are held during working hours to improve work efficiency. No overtime work.


Application Requirements


・Language : Cantonese or Mandarin or English

Experience : 5 years + salon experience



Monthly salary : $30,000〜$80,000

or ( 40-60% commission)

 < Freelance>

・40%-50% commission

Working Days・Hours

・5-days work week (1 day off on week day + 1 day off on Sat or Sun)

・Standard work day ends at around 5:00pm to 6:00pm

(12 days of statutory holiday per year , 7-14 days of annual leave , birthday leave)



Working hours(Other)

・No meeting or training sessions outside of working hours


・Staff and staff family discounts available

・Attendance award , good performance award , company trip



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