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Hair growth promotion and Anti-Aging Spa 


We take care of Anti-Aging hair. 

Do you have any of the following problems? 

✔ Hair is thinning with age want to take care of Anti-Aging hair and face  curious about Anti-Aging Spa! 

Hair Quest proposes "hair growth promotion" with Anti-Aging Spa! 

Anti-Aging Spa" is the latest Anti-Aging care that efficiently promotes blood circulation throughout the body with hand massage and special machines, resulting in the promotion of hair growth, lifting, and the elimination of cold and stiff shoulders. 

It has the effect of thickening blood vessels that become thinner with age, so it is truly a full-body anti-aging care. 

It is necessary to continue the treatment, so we hope that you will continue to receive it at the beauty salon. 


We also offer an Anti-aging menu exclusively for Hair Quest. Our professional stylists will support your health and hair growth promotion, so you can rest assured that we are focused on "Anti-Aging". 

Flow of treatment



First of all, please tell us about your current problem in detail.


​②Microscope Hair Diagnosis

Check the condition of the scalp with a microscope and select the scalp beauty essence and treatment that suits the customer.


③Shampoo lightly to remove dirt.

Massage shampoo

A shampoo specially designed for the scalp is used to thoroughly cleanse the scalp of floating dirt.


④Hair Quality Improvement Treatment

Internal repair is performed to restore the hair's natural luster, which is not fully compensated for by regular treatments.


*Optional with Anti-Aging Massager and Cuticle Care


⑤Maintenance cut

Think about the right haircut for maintaining the good hair.

Doesn’t every hairstylist cut my hair the same way? 

There are 2 things to be mindful of.  First of all, avoid razor-cut and try not to do too much layers.


⑥Let it dry to finish.

 You can feel the luster of the hair and the volume of the hair at the root.

 It's over in an hour to an hour and a half.

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