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Hair Donation

Let's donate wigs to children fighting illnesses!
​Volunteer in our "hair donation"just by cutting your hair.

Our ”hair donation" is an activity to provide order-made wigs for medical use free of charge to children suffering from diseases which cause hair loss, such as cancer, leukaemia,congenital disease, or unforeseen incidents which cause hair loss.

​We use the hair collected through donations to make "wigs for medical use"for children who have troubles with their hair caused by chemotherapy, spot baldness or hair-pulling disorder, and provide these wigs to the children free of charge.

Please send the hair but please make sure it is:

* Colored/Straightened hair is fine.​

* Hair length is minimum 31cm.

* Hair should be dry when placed in the zip lock bag.

* It is properly rubber banded before it was cut.


* The cut ponytails are placed in tissue which is then placed in a zip lock bag for each donor.

*Each pony tail should be accompanied with our online bar code (each donor fills out a form and submits it online, they get a bar code that needs to be printed and placed with the hair donation)

☆You are able to do a hair donation simply by having a regular cut.

We will initially send the hair donated to our partner Kei hair salon in Japan,who will then pass the donations over to the Hero and Tsunagami offices. Our firm will cover all shipping charges.


​*Customers are also able to send their hair donations by themselves.

*Must cut your hair in our salon.
*Customers are also be able to send their hair by themselves.
​*Can not get certificate(except send it by yourself)

*We are temporary stop to accept less than 31 cm hair.(The restart time is undecided)

We still accept 31cm or longer.

​*Price         $780


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