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Atsushi Matsuoka (Ash)

Creative Designer

Atsushi Matsuoka

I have been working at a hair salon since I was 10 years old and worked at a salon in Tokyo and Nagoya for over 10 years, I came to Hong kong given my love for its pineapple buns(with butter inside).

I have been living in Hong Kong for 8 years.

I have won award in haircut, color and up hairstyle contests.

I am a hairstylist with experience and proven result.

I can speak Japanese, Cantonese and English. I am learning Mandarin.

I had scalp rash when I was young. When I become a hairstylist, I met a lot of clients with allergies to medication and other hair-related issues.

If you have these problems, please feel free to let me know.

I would like all my client to have sustainable and healthy beauty that can enrich their lives.

I will not force my clients to have their hair dyed or permed.


I will be away from Hong Kong 1 to 2 times a year for salon work, seminars and conferences in Japan. Therefore please check with our schedule for booking.

I look forward to meeting you!




Studied Makeup Therapy in Japan.

Obtained Makeup Therapy Level 2.

Makeup Therapy is a makeup technique that incorporates psychological counseling methods, and is one of the assistance methods in the field of cosmetic therapy. The purpose is not only to beautify one's appearance, but also to provide mental support (psychological assistance) through psychological counseling.

When makeup changes the impression of one's appearance, it also changes one's mind. Negative beliefs that you had in the past will be dissolved, and your self-esteem will increase, leading to the discovery of new charms and possibilities.

My hobby is doing my own nails.

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