『Beauty』 begins with 『Kindness』



The foundation of beauty is our inner health. Therefore we have specialised in ingredients which are kind to both the body and the environment. Our perm solution, which does not use any animal derived ingredients, has been approved as vegan. 

1. No animal derived ingredients

We are considerate about the environment and animal welfare. 


2. Cruelty-free

With consideration to animal protection, we do not conduct any experiments which are harmful to animals. 


3. (Including water) over 80% is made from naturally derived ingredients 

Using the essences and water derived from plants, we use naturally derived ingredients as much as possible.


4. Paraben (preservative) free 


5. Free from nanomaterials

We do not use inorganic micro-particle substances under 100 nanometers.


6. Free from ethanol


7. Free from synthetic dyes 

​*Vegan certification
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