What is Cosmos?

COSMOS is the abbreviation of ‘COSMetics Organic and Natural Standard’, and is a European organic natural cosmetic certification body*. COSMOS aims to formulate a unified standard for organic/natural cosmetics.

                               ・BDIH - Germany, Cosmebio - France, Ecocert - France, ICEA - Italy and the Soil Association - UK

COSMOS Certification

Two levels of authorisation:


COSMOS organic certification: 

  • Completed products must be made of at least 20% organic materials

  • Of the physically processed agricultural produced materials, 95% must be organic materials.

  • The product must satisfy all the conditions of the COSMOS NATURAL standard. 

Leading the way to a vividly shining scalp, Scalp cream certified by COSMOS ORGANIC


Scalp Cream

Our scalp cream is made from 99% naturally derived ingredients, of which 81% are organic plant derived ingredients. Our scalp cream made with a combination of natural clay leads the way to a vividly shining scalp. It will help to tighten the hair follicles, and provide the scalp with resilience and elasticity.  

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